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Did you know that up to 70% of today's CRM users pay for licenses they don't need? Lead-Xpress saves big money by enabling companies to instantly send out leads and request updates to customers via their email accounts. For many firms this can save thousands of dollars.


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LeadMaster Marketing AutomationThere's no need to purchase a full license for your extended sales force. Your Reps and Agents can take full advantage of sales and marketing automation without having to waste time learning how to use a CRM system. Now that's having your cake and eating it too!

If your sales reps know how to use email, they're already Lead-Xpress experts. Utiliizing simple check boxes and custom forms, reps can easily update the status of opportunities, add notes, attach files and more. They can instantly add customers, nurture prospects or trigger powerful automated activies from their mobile phones. Imagine getting real-tme updates to your leads and forecasted deals within seconds - all for a fraction of the cost of CRM system on the market today.

Start saving money by providing your extended sales teams with what they need most - radicaly simple Lead-Xpress. They will reward you by spending more time selling and keeping your customers happy.


Fast, Easy, Affordable.

We know your business desperately needs to find a way to attract, convert and retain customers
in a way that makes sense. Technology has come a long way, so why hasn’t software for lead generation and sales management kept up?

The truth is: It Has.

The problem is: Up until recently, only big business could afford it.

Whether you need to simply generate better leads or manage your entire marketing and sales process, LeadMaster has the software solutions your business needs at a price that won’t break the bank.

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