Marketing Automation

Are You Still Marketing By
Pencil And Paper?

Marketing automation has become vital to sales and marketing operations. To win deals, companies need rules-based marketing tools for lead tracking, drip marketing, lead scoring, and customer surveys. LeadMaster can help with market segmentation, a key ingredient in targeting the right market for your message. 

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LeadMaster Marketing AutomationSales and Marketing teams need to be effective in their jobs. They must keep prospects and clients well informed. All communication channels – email marketing, lead nurturing, drip marketing, etc. – needs to be automated in order to keep filling your sales funnel.

Marketing Automation
Marketing Automation
Features Summary


Keep in contact with your longer-term prospects until they are ready to buy. Through marketing automation you can expect a significantly higher ROI, making it a business necessity.


LeadMaster's rules-based automation helps take the human cost out of staying in touch. It provides just the right information at the right time while scoring prospect interest.


Simply marketing isn’t enough though. Our built-in marketing analytics tools provide campaign transparency..


Fast, Easy, Affordable.

We know your business desperately needs to find a way to attract, convert and retain customers
in a way that makes sense. Technology has come a long way, so why hasn’t software for lead generation
and sales management kept up?

The truth is: It has.

The problem is: Up until recently, only big business could afford it.

Whether you need to simply generate better leads or manage your entire marketing and sales process,
LeadMaster has the software solutions your business needs at a price that won’t breafk the bank.

All LeadMaster solutions come with LeadMaster Certified Consultants.
We'll help you get started and get more from LeadMaster.

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