Radically Simple Sales & Marketing Automation Software.

Imagine having a powerful sales and marketing tool your team can leverage in minutes. Picture your reps and agents spending more time selling and far less time learning to use the CRM / Lead Management system.

With LeadMaster, you'll gain by using a powerful toolset that manages customers while helping to build your next generation of clients. Best of all, LeadMaster is affordable and can be implemented quickly.

From capturing leads on your website to closing the sale, LeadMaster can help create a smooth and automated sales process that will spell success for your company.

LeadMaster Platform Email Marketing Call Center Inside Sales Sales Lead Management Marketing Automation

Key Sales & Marketing Features Be Easily Turned On Or Off as Needed

Clients benefit by using the key components they need today. Advanced features can be enabled as their requirements expand - all at an affordable cost.

LeadMaster helps manage clients, track leads and streamline their marketing processes. It's affordable, easy to configure and highly effective.

As a cloud-based SaaS solution, LeadMaster can address the needs for a spectrum of business requirements across most industries.


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