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Capitalize On Customer Relationships & Sales Leads. 

Even if you have rock star call agents, how many customers and potential prospects are being placed in the “dead” file every year? Your call agents need a solution that gives them the tools they need to easily manage and close deals, not kill sales. Use LeadMaster to uncover and close qualified leads and nurture the ones that need a little more love.
Leave no leads behind!



No Training Headaches

Your looking for a call center / inside sales solution that meets your needs. Requirements include easy-to-use, quick-to-deploy and loaded with powerful business automation features that make the system do the work while your call agents sell. Your call center agents deserve nothing less. Imagine having your inside calling team armed with the automation tools they need and it can be learned in less than hour. Picture a call center solution that never drops the ball – and it can be used from anywhere.

call-center-team-originalAffordable & No Annual Contracts

Unlike most Call Center CRM and Lead Management systems, LeadMaster will not make you sign lengthy contracts or buy expensive software that has to be constantly updated, for an additional fee. We offer no contracts, monthly billing and the entire system is cloud-based. No more worrying about how much of your budget is going into the CRM money hole. You’ll only be thinking about how LeadMaster CRM has drastically increased your ROI and reduced the man-hours it takes to close a deal.

divider-70h-188wAll-In-1, Cloud-based Call Center Solution

  • Anywhere, anytime access – agents can use it from anywhere.
  • Ease of use, no extensive training required.
  • Powerful workflow automation and rules engine.
  • Built-in lead analysis.
  • Built-in forecasting.
  • Built-in lead management and distribution
  • Built-in lead nurturing and marketing automation.
  • Built-in call center reporting tools.

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