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Millions of students graduate high school each year. Many of these students begin their search to find a college or vocational school of their choice months, if not years in advance. So how do you capture and keep track of all those future leaders? How can you make sure they know what your school has to offer? LeadMaster can help.




How do you continue to actively nurture potential students over a long period of time?

LeadMaster’s All-In-One Lead Management system is tailored to the education marketplace.
It will help you cover all bases while you keep making home runs!

Staying Competitive


The simple fact is the next generations of students showing an early interest in attending your college have many options. To keep them on a track for enrollment you need a way to convince them your school has the answer – and you’ll need to reinforce this message for months, or even years. Competition is getting stiff for colleges as new “universities” are popping up all over the Internet. If you want to stay competitive, you need a way to reach out to your leads and keep them interested. Do you have the visibility you need to keep up?


LeadMaster All-in-One Features & Functions

  • Capture leads from all sources, organize accordingly.
  • Instantly route leads to your admissions staff.
  • Send email replies without switching applications.
  • Anytime, anywhere cloud-based access.
  • Automatically generate reports on your marketing efforts.
  • Dramatically increase your marketing ROI.
  • Automatically generate and send lead nurturing emails.
  • Stay engaged with your prospects – keep track of all interactions.
  • Mine data for future campaigns.

Beyond Recruitment

  • Administration
  • Student Records
  • Staff Mangement
  • Fundraising Activities
  • Alumni Management
  • Communications
  • Public Relations

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