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Drip Marketing, Lead Nurturing and Automated Emails

img_art_emailOver time, companies acquires a pile of cold and dusty sales leads.  It’s important not to condemn them to the lead graveyard too soon. Our email marketing system can send a series of staged, yet personalized, emails out to your longer term prospects. You decide the appropriate frequency and messaging of each email being sent to each prospect.  The result will be increased numbers of sales ready, pre-qualified leads for your sales team.


E-Marketing / Mass Emails

img_email_multiSending mass emails can be an effective way to build and sustain customer loyalty. It can help to cultivate long term prospects. You can reach out to thousands of prospects and clients all at once or build targeted campaigns for a more targeted approach. Bring pre-qualified leads to your sales team, at no additional cost.


Email Tracking

img_art_magnifyDefine and refine how your email marketing campaigns are run. Know who’s opening your emails, clicking on links or simply showing interest. Keep track of all your email marketing information with just the click of a button. You can even trigger notifications or call backs when emails are opened.


Campaign Management & Analysis

img_art_email_chartManage and analyze the ROI of your lead nurturing campaigns with our built-in campaign management system. Know how effective your email marketing campaigns are in real-time.


Outlook Integration

img_email_outlookAll email sent and received using Outlook can be filed automatically in the LeadMaster system for easy reference. Now you can easily find out what your reps, and their prospects, are doing in real time.

LeadMaster email marketing system allows you to track ROI, nurture leads, email clients and record communications, automatically. The LeadMaster email marketing system isn’t just a customer relationship manager. It’s marketing automation, lead management, and campaign management, all rolled into one.


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