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How Healthy Is Your Sales & Marketing Process?

Regardless of your firm’s place within the healthcare industry, be it provider, supplier or manufacturer, you know how competitive your market is. You need a better system to ensure effective maintenance of existing customers, and establish healthy relationships with your prospects. Imagine being able to communicate with all using one, seamless, low-cost system.

Now imagine being able to start using that platform in the next 48 hours!



LeadMaster - Faster, Less Expensive, Better
  • LeadMaster’s All-In-One CRM automation platform will help you manage leads, distribute leads, track opportunities and reduce costs at the same time. There is nothing to install and you do not need to spend a classroom semester learning the system. Implementing LeadMaster is a snap and we can have you up and running in the next 48 hours, and teach you how to use it in an hour or less.


Consolidate Your Sales Inquiries
  • All inquiries are automatically captured, tracked and measured by individual campaign.
Marketing Automation
  • LeadMaster has built-in marketing features, letting you easily manage your campaigns and nurture leads.
Closed-Loop Sales Reporting
  • LeadMaster gives your sales efforts complete transparency. Know the who, what, when, where, and why of all your deals.
Business Rules and Workflow
  • Customize our application around the way YOU do business in Healthcare.
Lead Management
  • Don’t forget about the follow-up. Track your programs effectiveness and know where you need to make adjustments.

Keep It Simple

There are no contracts to sign, no software to buy, no upgrades to purchase, and no additional hardware needs, all for one low monthly fee.

All LeadMaster solutions come with a free consultation with a certified LeadMaster consultant

Get the most from LeadMaster and your new CRM system

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