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Are Your Sales And Marketing Efforts Still Pushing When You Should Be Pulling?

The best sales process is implemented in a way that closes more deals, saves time and preserves profit margins. Imagine having a low cost easy-to-use sales and marketing automation tool that can do all of that for you – from anywhere.



Manufacturing and distribution industries have unique challenges. Many sell through an extended network of manufacturer’s reps or value-added resellers. They handle multiple product lines and must track and manage sales inquiries through reps that work for other companies. How do you measure marketing effectiveness without feedback from the individuals responsible for closing sales? How can you insure marketing and sales messages remain professional and  consistent across your extended selling channel?  The answer is LeadMaster’s Lead-Xpress product.


Managing Information

The problem for many companies is the number of layers between product inception to final delivery to the end user. LeadMaster’s  All-In-One Manufacturing & Distribution CRM will help you streamline the sales, operations and marketing process.  Don’t allow any sales leads to get lost or have your customers end up feeling like any just another dollar sign.divider-70h-188w

img_workflowYou’ll Be Able To:

  • Manage leads efficiently and automatically distribute them to partners.
  • Instantly share product info with partners, as well as the end user.
  • Nurture all your prospects.
  • Lead Distribution.
  • Track your sales through the funnel to the end user.
  • Gain real-time status of all sales leads without asking your sales agents to spend weeks to learn the CRM.
  • Keep track of buying trends for forecasting.

How Do We Do It?

We designed LeadMaster with your sales channel in mind. The biggest problem is the complex web of lines used in manufacturing and distribution. Inventory and sales tracking can get very complicated, leading to non-compliance – basically throwing a lot of money away. We created a system that’s easy to use and can be learned in minutes. The best part is we can have you up in running in as little as 48 hours.

Making It Easy For You

Most often, your staff can be trained in an hour. Typically the steps they will be using are no more than two clicks. The system is highly intuitive and you can customize the dashboard the way you want. Automatically updating your database is one of our greatest strengths. Once you try LeadMaster, we think you’ll agree.

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