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Manage Leads With Ease, Close More Sales, Cut Expenses.

How do companies manage and distribute leads in the mortgage & debt industries? Are they sitting in an email inbox, or perhaps on some long lost spreadsheet? If you aren’t using LeadMaster’s marketing automation tool to help keep track of your leads, it’s costing you big money. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a real-time look at the status of all your leads? Do you want to make the most of every lead you have?



Mortgage Call CenterSpeed To Lead

The challenge with leads for mortgage and debt industries is they come from everywhere and need to be acted upon quickly. Keeping track of them can be a real pain. Most companies don’t use the right software tool to help manage them. LeadMaster’s All-In-One solution imports all of your leads onto one easy-to-use platform that you and your sales team can access from anywhere. Our intuitive lead management tool will help you sort through the reams of leads you have, which makes working with them so much easier.

Smart Queues

Smart Queues provide the ability to organize prospects and customer call records from different sources and automatically serve them up to the sales team in prioritized order. Once a caller enters a pre-defined Smart Queue the system intelligently determines which call records will have the highest priority (score) and begins to deliver them to the agent.divider-70h-188w

You’ll Be Able To:

  • Encompass Integration – LeadMaster is integrated with Encompass, changes in either platform are reflected in both.
  • Click-to-Call – improve the speed and quantity of calls with Click-to-Call
  • Get Organized – quit wasting man-hours trying to decide what priority a lead falls into or how to work it.
  • Automatically Use Drip Marketing – the system works 24/7 to convert to those hard to persuade leads.
  • Delegate with Ease – assign leads to those that work them best.
  • Get Performance – mortgage and loan officers can assess leads more effectively. Can you say ROI?
  • Get ROI – monitor the success of your efforts. Managers can have a big picture view of what’s working and what isn’t.
  • Control – LeadMaster’s Mortgage & Debt CRM puts you in charge, not your paperwork

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