Opportunity & Pipeline Management

Whether you manage a single large account or a territory with many smaller accounts it can be difficult to keep track of all the details associated with every opportunity. Chances are unless you’re selling airplanes you may have dozens of deals going at any one time. Some of them are long term sales with a quote or estimate that went out months ago.

It’s sometimes difficult to remember when new products are introduced or prices have changed. Sales reps need a way to easily track their opportunities and report those to sales management.

LeadMaster is the answer. It provides opportunity tracking for every contact so that you’ll know exactly what the details are for each deal. Not only does it provide for deals that are already quoted but you can also forecast opportunities that haven’t reached the estimate stage yet.





Not only does opportunity tracking provide a method for tracking the details of every deal it also improves productivity because sales management can examine the opportunity forecast with a click of the button. It saves the sales rep enormous amounts of time by not having to compile the information for all the deals they’re working on. It makes management more productive because they’ll have up to the minute information.

Opportunity Update Report


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