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Just Because You Haven’t Hit The Fortune 500 List Doesn’t Mean You Can’t Look & Act Like You Have.

What was once only available to Fortune 500 companies can now affordably be deployed in most small businesses – in every industry.



LeadMaster – Keeping You Competitive

Traditional competition is fierce. New competitors seem to erect new websites daily.  While innovation has allowed more companies to gain footing into your industry, it has also lowered the barrier of entry to powerful sales and marketing automation tools. What was once only available to Fortune 500 companies can now affordably be deployed in small businesses.  LeadMaster’s All-In-One CRM for Small Business is easy-to-deploy tools that will make your company look like a corporate giant.

Small BusinessBeing Successful

Implementing a top-flight Small Business CRM can make all the difference between success and failure.  Keeping track of new orders, managing and tracking leads, managing call center and customer communications are just three features you can look forward to enjoying, but we can help you in areas you might never have thought of as well.

Being Fast & Free

The best part is you don’t have to buy any software or hardware, and you’ll never have to sign a contract. We will have your Small Business CRM up and running in 48 hours and we will teach you how to use it in an hour or less.

Being Organized

For your customers and prospective clients, perception is everything. If you treat your customers like you’re a big dog, then you have a bright future. Even more importantly is treating your prospects with the same level of professionalism. And that means being organized.

You’ll Be Able To:

  • Automate Business Rules and Workflow – A rules-based CRM engine simplifies tasks and does most of the heavy lifting
  • Marketing Automation – Nurture customers & prospects, score sales inquiries
  • Landing Page Integration – Identify website visitors, catalog their behavior
  • Online Marketing Spend – track, measure and improve how your marketing dollars are invested.
  • Website Integration – seamlessly gather form data from your site.
  • Closed-Loop Practices – track all your business processes from start to finish.
  • Lead Management – get more customers by following up on leads; keep more customers.
  • Cost Savings – See cost reductions all around as your business gets streamlined.

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