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Adding Clarity & Simplicity to Managing Call Centers & Inside Sales

Smart Queues provide the ability to organize prospects and customer call records from different sources and automatically serve them up to an inside call center in prioritized order. Call teams enter a pre-defined Smart Queue and the system intelligently determines which call records will have the highest priority (score) and begins to deliver them to the agent.





For most business, raw prospects and customer inquiries can come from a variety of sources. The challenge is to ensure higher priority inquiries are worked first. Smart Queues allow management to pre-define how leads are scored, keeping the guesswork out of the hands of the call team.

For example, suppose leads are coming from three sources: the company’s website, Google advertising and pre-qualified purchased leads. A Smart Queue can be setup so that pre-qualified leads will always be delivered first and then a blend of website and advertising leads are delivered when there are no pre-qualified leads available.

Lead Queue
For outbound calling teams The Smart Queue will be especially effective for improving productivity.

Reduces training time – simply enter the ‘Smart Queue’, click on the button and the most important lead appears

Eliminates the need for manually scheduling callbacks when prospects aren’t reached

Combine call dispositions, workflows and Smart Queues to automate business process

Improve productivity – as soon as the current prospect is dispositioned the next prospect in the Smart Queue appears

LeadMaster and the Smart Queues are integrated with a variety of cloud dialing solutions providing cost effective click-to-call and power dialing

In a world of increased competition, companies need to ensure that every selling hour is made as efficient as possible for their call teams. Smart Queues is just another feature within LeadMaster that helps focus on opportunities that have the best chance of converting into customers.

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