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Concentrate Your Efforts

For many businesses huge amounts of sales and marketing resources are spent on process, i.e. learning new systems, data entry, data management etc. Lead Master will free up your marketing team from those processes so that they spend time on what is important – getting sales.

The LeadMaster CRM Platform enables you to take control of your pipeline, grow it, and squeeze more conversions out of the end than ever before. It automates the processes currently done manually or part-manually by your team, and can help you move your leads through the sales funnel quicker and more efficiently.

With LeadMaster, you will get results.




How LeadMaster Works

platformYou don’t need to install any software or hardware to use LeadMaster as it is all based in the cloud. This means your team is not restricted by location either – they can access the system from anywhere.

The system is packed full of features from simple but powerful tools through to complex and specific marketing processes. You can tailor it to your needs by switching off the functions your business does not require or use. This reduces the distractions for your team, although you can enable the functions again if the needs of you business change.



You can capture, track, qualify and nurture your sales leads all within LeadMaster. Capturing is achieved through email, online and more, while the system also lets you score leads so your team can prioritise their efforts.

It then has high quality lead nurturing tools that will help you convert your leads into sales. This includes built-in email marketing.



As a CRM system LeadMaster lets you manage your contacts and keep a record of contacts and other useful information. Everything you need to know about your customers is at your finger tips.



No sales or marketing effort is successful without high quality reports. LeadMaster offers you a range of reports so that you can manage and measure what is going on, and plan for the future.

You can automate all your marketing and lead nurturing processes, plus there are powerful sales management tools available. This will help you manage your team more efficiently.

All LeadMaster solutions come with a free consultation with a certified LeadMaster consultant

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